Combat is a deep and satisfying experience in Dangerous. You can fly by the seat of your pants in manual flight mode. You can even augment this with Newtonian physics where your craft will keep traveling in one direction while you angle your ship to destroy a pursuing enemy.

Or you can make extensive use of the autopilots such as follow, orbit, and keep at distance. Pick the right one: orbit quickly around an enemy to confound its turret tracking or outrun its missiles, use the Keep autopilot to steady your own turrets, or follow tightly behind an unsuspecting craft. Even follow it through warp and gates. But what happens when your opponent has lasers, turrets and missiles? What about multiple bogies? What if an electronic warfare specialist shows up? And a remote shield recharge sidekick joins the fray? The situation will get dangerous fast. Be more dangerous. Be Dangerous.

Pick the right ship. Each ship has specific bonuses, and you can train up skills to improve those bonuses. Pick the right modules. You can mix and match offensive and defensive strategies.

How many ways to tank or evade damage? The simplest is speed tanking: be faster than everybody else. Even missiles and turrets. You'll outrun the missile's explosion cloud or cause turrets to miss more often. Shield tank: buff up your shield's damage capacity. Or increase its damage resistance. Or its regeneration ability. At least if the shield is depleted, you'll still have armor. Or be bulky, be bold, try armor tanking. Affix heavy nano plating to your hull and nanobots to repair it during battle. You can also increase resistance. Sure, you'll take a hit in speed due to the increased mass, but who doesn't like to drive a tank? A space tank that is. Why take any damage? Drain their power cores. Jam their sensors. Dampen the sensor range. All this and more is the bailiwick of the Electronic Warfare specialist. Oh, you're a pacifist you say? Then support ships are your friend. Remotely repair your allies' shields and armor. Or give them a power boost. You're the popular one at parties!

What about wingmen? They can fill in where you're weak. You'll need to find them, and help them first. Loyalty is a two-way street, so make it work. Then command them in the heat of battle. Don't leave high-sec without one. Don't enter null-sec without two!

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