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The contacts list provides you with a wealth of situational awareness. At a glance, you can see what your enemies and allies are doing.

The contacts area is at the lower left, and it lists all the ships in the gravity well. You can directly select ships by their icons or lock them directly using the lock icon. For desktop and tablet devices, you'll also see a list of modules that each ship has equipped.

The autopilot icon tells you how the ship is moving: undocking, transiting to warp, warping, transit to dock, (F)ollow, (O)rbit, (K)eep at range, patrolling (circular loop).

In battle, you can tell who is locking or has locked your ship by looking at the color of the bracket around each ship's lock icon. Yellow means it's trying to lock you, red means it has a lock.

(Those on mobile phones should set the Minimize Contacts option to Off to understand this next part since modules are not shown by default on phone-sized screens.)

The color of the brackets around each module tells you the target of that module. Gray means the module is off. Green means your module is targeting that ship. Red means that module is targeting your ship. Blue means it's targeting a ship other than yours. Purple means that that ship is the target of a remote module.

So if you use your webber on a ship, you'll see a webber icon on that ship with a green bracket. If that ship is using its webber on yours, you'll see a red bracket. If both ships are webbing each other, you'll see both a green and red bracket around the webber icon on that ship.

If you order your wingman to aid a ship that needs shield recharge, you'll see a blue bracket around your wingman's remote shield recharger. And on the target ship, you'll see a purple bracket around the remote shield recharger icon.

Pretty simple once you remember the colors, but extremely useful to quickly get a read of the situation under the frantic conditions of a large battle.

How to find quests

There are several ways to find existing dynamic quests or your current freelance quest.
  • In space, press the autopilot button (A). Then press the warp button (concentric rings). Press the Quests button near the bottom. This lists all existing quests including dynamic and your current freelance quest. The quests are labeled with "D" for dynamic, "F" for freelance, "W" for wingman acquisition, and "Q" for storyline main quest.
  • In space, press the scan button at the top left. You'll see a map of the current solar system. Each location will have a character label if there is a quest there: D, F, W, or Q (see above description of each). You will also see a Warp button if the destination is a location in the current system. This button will initiate warp to that destination.
  • In space, press the scan button at the top left. Then press the Quest button at the top. This will list all available quests.
  • In the Cantina, press the Quest button
  • In the Quarters, press the Map button. This is similar to the map as seen in space except there is no Warp button available inside a station.

Wingmen Acquisition

After Cali leaves you, you're on your own. The first order of business is to find wingmen to make life a lot easier. Cali tells you about Akio who is one of the finest pilots to wash out of the Academy. He's drowning his sorrows with booze and women in system Aelle at Waaxan Hub station. Talk to showgirl Phoebe in the cantina to find out where he's hiding.

After you've rescued him and docked back at the hub station, he'll offer to join your team. In your Quarters, visit your Wings area to activate and talk to any wingmen. You may only have up to two active wingmen flying with you. Talk to Akio to find out how to find the rest.

In space, your wingmen will generally do their job without much input from you. However, you can also directly command them to attack, ignore, or aid a specific ship. To command them, use the (A)utopilot button. You'll see the wingmen's names at the bottom along with an attack, ignore, and aid icon. Select the target first, then press one of those buttons. The attack and aid icons will have a halo if the current target is the recipient of one of those orders.

You can even order your wingmen to aid an enemy ship like the hijacked ship or have Cali aid a broken down ship.

Remember that wingmen don't have unlimited ammunition, so dock after missions to let them rearm. Also, your wingmen have been equipped with state-of-the-art clone technology. So if they should fall in battle, you can simply re-activate them inside any station.

Breakdown Quests

To repair ships that are broken down, you need to equip a remote armor repair module in a high slot. These are sized small, medium, and large, so make sure to pick the right size for your ship or you'll incur a power core penalty. The default market filter for modules should only list the correct size for your current ship. Then get within range of the broken down ship. These will have a "D" next to their icon in the Contacts list, typically have damage in their armor HP, and be motionless in space. Select and lock the ship. Your center shortcut icon should change to the caduceus aid symbol. Press this to activate your remote armor repair module to start repairing. Once repaired, they'll thank you and go on their merry way after paying you for your services.

Beware that some pirates are known to mimic ships in distress, so it's best to prepare for the worst. More often than not, their friends are waiting to warp in as you trigger the trap by getting in range and repairing the decoy ship.

Escort Quests

After accepting an escort quest in the Cantina, undock. Press the autopilot button, then the warp button, then the Quests button. Pick the destination with "F" which stands for Freelance Quest.

Once you warp to the starting location, the quest ship will undock. It will have a "Q" (stands for Quest) next to its icon in the Contacts list. Typically you'll want to use an autopilot with the quest ship as the target. This way, your navigation computer will follow that ship as it warps to the gate, enters the gate, and warps to its destination. If you're not autopiloting the quest ship, you'll have to figure out its warp destination, and manually warp your ship. You can do this by using your scanner button in the top left, and scan the selected ship to see its flight plan.

Protect the escorted ship from pirates which will attempt to destroy it. Once it docks at its destination, you'll receive payment and standings improvements.

Hijacked Quests

Like the escort quests, you'll want to travel to the system where the hijacked ship is located. You can also autopilot the hijacked ship by selecting it, then using either Follow, Orbit, or Keep. When that ship warps away, your navigation computer will follow it.

The key here is to slow down the ship using webbers and warp jammers, though a single webber is usually sufficient. Keep in mind some ships like the Demeter have a natural warp strength of 1, so you'll need two warp jammers if you wish to prevent it from warping away. If the ship travels to its final station destination before the commando ship can board it, then you've failed the mission. You'll also fail if the hijacked ship is destroyed.

Part of the difficulty is keeping this ship alive while it might be attacking you along the way. You might want to order your weapons-equipped wingmen like Akio to ignore the hijacked ship. You can also instruct a repairing wingman like Grace or Cali to aid the ship. (The wingmen control is located in the autopilot circular menu. The ignore button looks like a circle with a diagonal line through it. The aid button looks like a red cross.)

The commandos will count down their arrival time. Once it reaches zero, you'll see their ship try to approach the hijacked ship. Once it reaches them, you've succeeded in the mission.

Warping and Gating

The presence of the gravity well makes warp travel extremely difficult due to the graviton flux near such wells. Pilots must travel at least 10 km away from the gravity well before engaging warp. The only exceptions to this are the rare individuals (with whom we can count on one hand) who have trained the Warp Navigator skill. They are able to start and end warp at distances less than 10 km away from the gravity well. And rumor has it somebody called the "Rocketeer" is able to start warp at any distance. Royal Navy high command has placed a large bounty on information leading to the capture of this individual, though we're sure it's just a rumor.

Following a ship

Ship computers will automatically track and follow any ships that you are Following, Orbiting, or Keeping at range. Any of these three autopilots can be used for escorting another ship. If your autopilot target is an ally (their ship icon is green), both ships' computers will exchange trajectory and warp tunnel characteristics such that the followers can borrow the leader's warp tunnel. In practice, this means that the follower is able to instantly warp with the leader once the leader enters warp. In fact, followers are able to do this with impunity. Warp jammers only affect the creation of the warp tunnel, so once the lead ship has created one, followers can easily slip inside and instantly warp away without having to orient. Therefore, a warp jammer is only effective against the lead ship. Most ships have zero warp strength, so a single warp jammer is sufficient to stop the creation of the warp tunnel. Equipping a warp stabilizer module will increase a ship's warp strength by one. Also, some ships such as the Demeter have a built-in warp strength of one, so will require at least two warp jammers to stop.

If the lead ship is neutral or hostile to the follower, it will obviously not elect to share the intrinsic characteristics of its warp tunnel. In such cases, the following ship's computer will locate the probable gravity well destination, but the follower will have to escape the warp limit by transiting 10 km, and also orient itself toward this destination before warp engages.

Entering a gate works in much the same way. Borrowing of the gate's wormhole tunnel will work if the follower is allied to the leader. The follower does not even need to be within 2 km of the gate, but anywhere close by in the gravity well is sufficient to borrow the tunnel and jump through the gate.


Once a ship is within 2 km of a space station, the station will tractor that ship in if docking is requested. However, the docking tractor beam can be disrupted by using a webber on the ship trying to dock. Keep this in mind if you're trying to dock to escape an enemy. But of course, you can also use this to your advantage.

Ship bonuses

Ships often have bonuses based on a specific skill. For example, the Agon which is often the starter ship for new frigate captains, has this bonus listed:

"Frigate: +5% shield resist"

This mean that the ship will receive a +5% shield resist bonus for EACH LEVEL of your Frigate Skill. At level 1, you'll get +5% shield resist. At level 5, you'll get +25%. Check the bonuses that your ship provides, and try to maximize the skill associated with that bonus. That'll keep you alive... for a little while longer, at least.

Performance & Optimization

Dangerous is designed to work with mobile as well as desktop systems. To this end, there are many configurable settings you may want to consider if you prefer speed over beauty:
  • Exhaust Effects: On the high end, the copious amounts of smoke can bog down many mobile devices. Consider turning it down to medium.
  • Module Effects: Big battles involving many combatants will see numerous modules and their effects mostly targeting the player. Turning this to low will disable the new particle module effects.
  • Advanced shader scripts: These scripts are turned off for mobile by default. They create a beautiful more realistic view of space, but only desktops and the top of the line mobile devices should use them.
  • Real-time planet surface tessellation: Enabled with Celestial Body Quality set to Ultra High, the planet's surface will become more detailed as you get close. You'll also see translucent planetary rings and belts with over 50,000 3D rocks all orbiting the planet. This is already highly optimized, but you can turn the Celestial Body Quality down to medium or high which disables the advanced features, but requires less performance.


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