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trade routes en>fr fr>en
By giltt Comments: 1, member since Sun Dec 08, 2013
On Sun Dec 08, 2013 10:45 PM

Hi all.

Does anyone have any profitable trade routes they would like to share

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re: trade routes en>fr fr>en
By ShizukaNekoShiki Comments: 33, member since Fri Oct 11, 2013
On Mon Jun 02, 2014 08:00 PM
Fake MOD: Well 5there is 1 way go to a station that's not a HUB & sells IG or is it GI IDk what ever.. mew- The armor repairs for battle ships like the missleship or the Ares turret ship. mew- Take asmany as chu can buy & go sell them to a HUB station that's 1 or 2 gate jumps from where chu are. mew- That`ll rack up some cash big time. mew- It didn`t take me long just to be the most richesest player in the galaxy. mew- I had 12,000,000,000 CREDITS. mew- =$.$= mew- So go do that if chu want to be rich. mew-


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