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By ShizukaNekoShiki Comments: 33, member since Fri Oct 11, 2013
On Thu Jan 02, 2014 01:31 AM

Ok I haz the latest info on Factions & what they sell U. mew- here`s the list:
Faction Name | Abbreviation | HQ (System) | Reward
GalCop | COP | Sypint |BattleshipShipSkill

Mining Inc | MNE | Hekka | Newtonian Skill

Royal Navy |NVY | Grippe |WarpNavigatorSkill

Grunt Fleet |GRU |Zentu |Freighter Ship

CargentiOrder | CGO |Druma |Transport Skill

OrellianSyndicate | ORE | Bizanti | Mining ship Skill

Bondai Distributors | BOD | Loopso |Master Trader Skill

Antimony Group | ANT |Prokosh | E-War Ship Skill

Syersin Conglomerate | SSC |Midori |Support Ship Skill

Taxikon | TXI | Renna |Cruiser Ship Skill

Transmetals Group | TRA | Tibra |CorporatePilotsSkill

Sinelex Venia | SLV | Chiba |Capital Ship

Dust Jumpers |DST |Aliwen |Sensor Probe Skill

Sola Fide |SOL |Washbo |Destroyer Ship

Nudyne Meditrust |NMI |Eigo |InterceptorShipSkill

Pirates |PIR |Unknown | N/A

Dangerous (Player Faction)| DGR |Unknown |N/A
This is all the places with stuff that they offer U. mew-


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