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save game doesnt work anymore en>fr fr>en
By Gigantkiller Comments: 1, member since Sat Feb 08, 2014
On Wed Feb 12, 2014 11:09 PM

if i want to load my safegame, i can the the saves but when i click at one of it,the game starts from the beginning.
I have no idea what to do.
I use android. I have saved the savegames to my PC.

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FPGC-Re: save game doesnt work anymore: en>fr fr>en
By ShizukaNekoShiki Comments: 33, member since Fri Oct 11, 2013
On Mon Feb 24, 2014 08:50 PM
Edited by ShizukaNekoShiki (1927) on 2014-02-24 13:51:11 Recorrection. mew-
(FYI: Ignore the meows okz). mew- Don`t panic. mew- Just try uninstall it, then search or android device to make sure the whoisdangerous game files R deleted. mew- Then come back to & re-download the game. mew- (FYI: If this failed then chu need to replace or android because the one chu got can`t read the files correctly. mew-). mew-


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