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By ShizukaNekoShiki Comments: 33, member since Fri Oct 11, 2013
On Wed May 06, 2015 02:31 PM
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This new Fusion:Genesis is a good game. mew- Wish WhoIsDangerous Null Space has the same set up at it for ship wise. mew- =3 FYI: This Fusion:Genesis can only be found on XboxLive & you can`t buy the gaming disc yet. mew- Pls comment on this post. mew- =^.^= --The End-- Spoiler: Show

Fusion: Genesis GUIs:

This is a guide for Sentients within the game "Fusion Genesis" for the Xbox 360. The game is a downloadable title on Xbox live arcade.

This guide will cover the "Sentient" aspect of the game.

Sentients are small AI driven comrades that accompany your ship, and provide invaluable support in more than a few ways.

First; a look at the main types of Sentients available.

--Tank Sentient

The Tank Sentient features defensive buffs that can help the players main ship become a collective fortress. If the Sentient identifies any threat; it will go on the offensive with it's concentrated beam-like weapon.

Tank Sentient Skill list: Skills can be upgraded by allocating skill points.

Shield Short: This skill will allow your Tank Sentient to nullify enemy shields for a specified amount of time.

Taunt: The Sentient will become the main focus of all enemy threats.

Tractor Beam: Sentient will shoot a beam that will stop an enemy in it's tracks.

Armor Increase: Sentient will send out an ion beam that will absorb a percentage of damage for a specific amount a time. This beam can also be used on nearby friendly units.

Shield Regeneration: Increases shield regeneration rate by a percentage.

--Healer Sentient

The Healer Sentient repairs the players ship. It can be used in many different strategies. When threatened; this Sentient will use homing missiles.

Healer Sentient Skill list: Skills can be upgraded by allocating skill points.

Repair: Once activated; the Healer Sentient will repair the hull, and reboot shields.

Recharge: Recharges bot your own shield, and that of any units within the vicinity.

Knockback: The Sentient will keep enemies from getting too close.

Energise: Increases the energy capacity of all nearby friendly units.

Hull Regeneration: Increases hull regeneration rate by a percentage.

--DPS Sentient

The DPS Sentient is an offensive Sentient. When alerted, it will fight back with a rapid fire double-laser.

DPS Sentient Skill list: Skills can be upgraded by allocating skill points.

Primary Weapon: Increases the power of the Sentients main weapon.

Power Weapon: Increases the power of the Sentients secondary weapon.

Disable: Negates an enemies ability to use special abilities for a specific amount of time.

Damage Increase: Increases the damage of nearby friendly units by a percentage, and time.

Energy Rengeration: Increases the regeneration rate of the players ship by a percentage.

This covers the skills that are exclusive to each Sentient. However, there are three more skills that can be used by all three types of Sentients.

They are as follows:

Mining: The Sentient will mine whenever it is given the chance. If this skill is upgraded; it will allow the Sentient to mine at a faster rate.

Looting: The Sentient will seek out items that are within it's range. Once upgraded; the Sentient will seek out items that are at greater distance from it. (In example; if the player destroys an enemy ship, and it drops any item; if the Sentient is within range it will quickly move towards it, and recover it.)

Trading: This skill will allow your Sentient to sell the contents of your cargo. It will travel to the nearest station, and sell the items. If upgraded; the Sentient will complete this task at a much quicker rate.

All Sentients can be given three specific commands. Aggressive, defensive, and passive.

Aggressive: Sentient will actively seek out enemies.

Defensive: Sentient will engage the enemy if the player, or itself are attacked.

Passive: Sentient will not engage enemies at all.

----Feeding crystals to your Sentient----

It seems as though the game is a bit vague on this information; so I will cover the basics on how to increase a Sentients stats via crystal feeding.

Crystals can be found in just about every mineable item in the game. There are four types of basic crystals; blue, red, green, and yellow. After you have collected a decent number of each basic crystal type; you can begin to combine them, and create black crystals. Black crystals are used to upgrade your Sentients stats, and attributes.

Remember to access these important menu items by pushing the back button. Once you are on the menu; push the left thumbstick, and highlight the Sentient Section on the bottom left portion of the menu. This will lead you into another menu. Once there; you will see a section titled "CRYSTALS" highlight it, and press the "a" button. You will now be able to toggle the auto-feed option. It is my suggestion to turn it off.

Next, highlight the Sentients portion of this same menu. You will see a list of your currently owned Sentients. Push the "a" button, and select one of them. This will lead you to yet another menu. From this menu, you will be able to set the Set the Sentients mood, it's slot location, and allocate skill/stat/attribute points.

Before all of this; you must create black crystals. These are used to feed the Sentient itself; thus giving points for distribution. To create a black crystal; highlight the bottom left portion of this menu, and push "a" then pull either the left, or right trigger. Use the d-pad until "Create black crystal" is highlighted, and push the a button.

A black crystal has now been created. However, the process is not yet complete. You must now feed this black crystal to your Sentient. Highlight, and press a on the "Crystal" section of this menu. You can now select individual crystals, and feed your Sentient manually. Doing so will increase it's overall level. Next; scroll down to the black crystal that was created, and push a. You can push left, and right on the d-pad to select the desired amount of black crystals that you wish to feed to your Sentient.

Push a one more time, and you will recieve a prompt. Choose yes to feed your Sentient the black crystals. You will now have points to allocate in the "Stats" portion of this menu. Highlight, and distribute these points as you see fit.
New GUIs coming soon

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re: Fusion:Genesis en>fr fr>en
By ShizukaNekoShiki Comments: 33, member since Fri Oct 11, 2013
On Thu May 07, 2015 11:59 PM
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Newest Updates:
FYI: IDK if you found this out yet but did you know in that game you can choose any faction you want (After you buy the game) & complete the faction`s mission then switch faction & complete all of its missions (To get more FSP or Faction Skill Points) then switch to UR old faction & all the ships you bought with the old faction will still be there. O & don`t worry about the guns they stick with you no matter what faction you decide to jion in on. Also the Ark Raid is the only other way as far as I know. You can get Rare, Epic and Legendary of all three sentients there, though they don't drop very often and seemingly exclusive to the Path of Knowledge boss, that's just personal experience though.


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