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Can't create login to save game (iPad) en>fr fr>en
By CaptTomwell Comments: 1, member since Thu Aug 27, 2015
On Thu Aug 27, 2015 12:19 AM

For some reason, every time I enter the game and try to load game, it says there is no valid login. When I try to create a login, it says my password is too short. I have used multipe combinations of alpha-numeric, one cap, one lowercase, a special character, even used as many characters as possibly allowed- always the same respone ("password too short").

I can't create a login (tried using this one Insetup too), I can't load the game from where I last finished, and the only answers I find seem to be A bunch of cr@p from some moron who says mew all over the place and just tells people to get a new device (he/she is a new kind of if you ask me).


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