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Kickstarter campaign rewards? en>fr fr>en
By linh Comments: 179, member since Sat Jun 30, 2007
On Wed Jun 13, 2012 01:48 AM

I'm starting the process to do a video that can be used as a new trailer and also for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Since I have some experience with indie filmmaking, I'd like to do a live action video with real actors in front of a green screen. You'll get to see the beginning of the game including the story elements of the tutorial in a live action video! The idea is to raise funds from Kickstarter to improve the game at a faster rate:

- add ship boarding in a first- or third-person shooter format
- also allow walking in stations and planets to buy goods and do quests
- overhaul the 3D ship models with unique models
- make the world even more sandboxy by allowing corporations to grow or shrink depending on how well they do in the game world
- allow any corporation including the player's to build new stations that have defensive capabilities. The player would be able to take over stations by sieging them (will take massive firepower)
- add in massive multiplayer support for all platforms

Plan: ask for $50,000 to add the ship boarding feature. And if the campaign beats that number, at various tiers, we'll add in more features, like:
$100,000 even more dynamic universe, more quests
$150,000 multiplayer
$250,000 massive multiplayer

What do you guys think of this plan? What elements would make you interested in contributing to the Kickstarter campaign? What are some of the rewards that you'd like to see?

All your feedback is greatly appreciated!


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re: Kickstarter campaign rewards? en>fr fr>en
By Sheinfell Comments: 101, member since Fri May 25, 2012
On Wed Jun 13, 2012 08:59 AM
Sounds great, and really ambitious. I really hope it works out, and that you can raise enough funds.
For rewards, I can think only of the usual: Have something named after you (e.g. a ship, person, star system); have said named thingie be more prominent in the game (part of the plot, famous star system, etc.). Influence the story and/or the universe in some way, like getting to choose the outcome of a story arc; and so on... I already know what I'd want :)
I am not into (massive)multiplayer, mainly because it takes alot of time, and my schedule is rather wonky. So I cannot really comment on that aspect.
For me, a huge singleplayer/offline sandbox that I can play in for a long time would be the most interesting part.

For the Kickstarter campaign:
Definitely include gameplay videos and screenshots. Some of the stuff you have already is absolutely marvelous (like some of the galaxy background graphics). I don't know what gets you rolling on Kickstarter, but I'd think a serious business-like presentation of where you are currently and where you want to go could help alot.
Also, include a planned timeline, e.g. : "When we reach 50k funds, we will include ship/station boarding. This is like a 2nd game in itself (1st/3rd person tactical shooter), so we estimate it will take us 4 months for an alpha release, 6 months to get it into beta release phase, and another 4 months till public launch. Here is a graphic of the manhours we calculated these 3 phases will need."

However, I think you should finish fleshing out the existing game as well, namely:
- improve your homepage, with gameplay videos, press feedback, teasers, and so on.
- better and more detailed help(files)
- improved game balance
- more ships, especially for dogfighting
- a bigger universe (will be needed for (massive)multiplayer anyways)
- the above, also with more corporations and different pirate factions
- rogue factions like smugglers
- the option to take over other corporations (will require lots of money and influence, obviously)
- maybe an alternate storyline where you can team up with the pirates (yes, I know this will require *alot* of work)
- better (closed) economy: Where is all the money you earn coming from? With an hour or so of effort I can make enough from trading ships to buy a multibillion credit corporation with the change in Dangerous' pocket. Improved economy will definitely be needed for MMO as well. In Dan Simmons' Hyperion saga, I really liked the briefly mentioned aspect that a big warship costs as much as a moderately rich planet's total economic output of a year or two.

- and, most important in my opinion, fill the gaping plot holes. Such as [SPOILERS AHEAD]...
- What really happened with the massmurder Dangerous' was trialed for?
- What is up with him coming from the future, as JAG Heinlein mentions? That one is the biggest headscratcher for me right now, as it does not seem to make any sense.
- What is really up with Sola Fide, the Shadow Historians, and so on?
- The Leviathans: Why do they react to his genetic pattern?
re: Kickstarter campaign rewards? en>fr fr>en
By Sheinfell Comments: 101, member since Fri May 25, 2012
On Wed Jun 13, 2012 05:24 PM
Edited by Sheinfell (1683) on 2012-06-13 11:28:26
Edited by Sheinfell (1683) on 2012-06-13 11:30:00
I looked at some of the Kickstarter projects, and see some things you will need, in my opinion:

1) Eyecatcher. Look at Neal Stephenson's project here: . . .
That picture of him is a bloody masterstroke, it immediately catches my attention because it sticks out from the 200 or so other projects I saw in the overview.

2) Explain why you do what you want to do. Again, Neal does a damn good job here, telling some background story that covers this.

3) What you want to do, and what *not* .
Neal's project will continue to be my example. He states what they will do first, and - more important - why they keep the scale relatively small in the beginning. Quote: "At first, it'll be a PC arena game based on one-on-one multiplayer dueling (which is a relatively simple and attainable goal; we don't want to mess this up by overreaching). "
More general example: "We want funding to implement features A,B,C,D . If we get enough funding for D, we will still do A-C first, so we do not overextend ourselves and don't risk getting lost in development limbo."
Everyone knows the story of Diablo3. Ask yourself, did you really expect it to be released anymore? :)

4) State your longterm goals, as you already did with outlining MMO etc.

5) Not related to Kickstarter itself, but very important I think:
Get someone to do public relations for you, one the thing gets rolling on Kickstarter. If not fulltime, then at least parttime.
One, this leaves you more time for development.
Two, from what I have seen on Kickstarter during my short browsing around (1-2 hours only), people react *extremely* positive to being kept up to date, with status reports from development, showing of progress (e.g. new game mechanics explained or a short video displaying new artwork), etc.

6) Mention your inspiration and tradition.
For us gaming folks (especially older ones like me), it can make a huge difference if you cite, say, Elite, as spiritual predecessor and source of inspiration, or Wing Commander.

7) Just my personal opinion (I know how much love you have for the boarding thing). But I would swap the first 2 goals. The boarding is a great feature, but I think a huge dynamic universe will get people hooked more easily.
Alternatively, keep the two equal for starters, and let the Kickstarter community vote on which one they want to see first. Yes, this might be the best approach, actually.
re: Kickstarter campaign rewards? en>fr fr>en
By linh Comments: 179, member since Sat Jun 30, 2007
On Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:44 AM
Great feedback as usual, Sheinfell! We have a lot of that polish on our plate such as sprucing up the websites and such before kicking off the Kickstarter. Also, the story will unfold (hopefully) over the course of the planned trilogy, so some of those questions will be answered with add-on mission packs or the second/third installment.

I'm hoping that a live action trailer (sufficiently well done) will differentiate us from the pack of other space Kickstarters which typically is either an in-game trailer and/or the developers giving their pitch. Dangerous has an epic story with interesting characters which I think might translate well into an live action trailer. Going to put out the casting call on Craigslist and pick up Hitfilm (for effects and compositing) and a green screen soon. :D

Also, one other thing I want us to offer with the rewards (aside from naming rights for places, ships, or characters) are real tangible rewards like ship models and large action figures of the main characters and wingmen that you can place on your desk.

And have supporters help us improve the romance mini games.
re: Kickstarter campaign rewards? en>fr fr>en
By Sheinfell Comments: 101, member since Fri May 25, 2012
On Thu Jun 14, 2012 06:28 PM
Edited by Sheinfell (1683) on 2012-06-14 12:33:45
linh wrote:

Also, one other thing I want us to offer with the rewards (aside from naming rights for places, ships, or characters) are real tangible rewards like ship models and large action figures of the main characters and wingmen that you can place on your desk.

Now, *that* is what I call an awesome incentive!
To top off the geekiness, make one (yes, only one) special ship model that comes with those funny remote-controlled office missile launchers.
Looksee here: . . .
And here: . . .

Oh, and one wacky idea:
If you don't want to do the standard "developers giving the pitch" thing, don in-universe Royal Navy uniforms (or something that looks sufficiently believable), and give it the format of an in-universe military briefing.
re: Kickstarter campaign rewards? en>fr fr>en
By BAC33 Comments: 21, member since Fri Mar 30, 2012
On Wed Jun 20, 2012 06:04 PM
Edited by BAC33 (1651) on 2012-06-20 12:13:34 Additional comment
Sorry, I've been away for awhile
Great Idea on the kickstarter program

I would have to agree with Sheinfell on the lack of interest in the massive multiplayer implementation. I have almost given up on those types of games for strategic or tactical gameplay. In almost every case there is someone who is able to exploit the game and others who have no other life that dominate through 24/7 gameplay.
I would vote for the massive single player version first.
But, here is an idea for multiplayer that might catch your interest.

I have a suggestion that I found extremely enjoyable in the past and has all but been forgotten. I spent consistent amounts of time playing Stars! for at least a 3 or 4 year period and it probably would have kept me playing if the developer hadn't abandoned the game. Granted it was a turned based 4X game, but each universe was setup and hosted by a single person. Players were invited to join that universe and played as a limited group. This provided:

1) Closer knit groups
2) Groups that generally aligned themselves and their gameplay according to their allotted time that they had available to play. I believe this could work well even in a dynamic RTS universe. The one main factor to implement would be to allow the host to establish a maximum amount of gameplay time per day or week per player. That way no one would get unfair advantages based on gameplay time. They could also play multiple universes to allow more gameplay based on their allotted time and gameplay schedule.
It also allowed groups to form based on experience level announced by the host.
All universes were hosted via a central server for the game.
I would vote for the weekly allotments as this would fit better with those that may have to skip a day, but can play twice as long on another day or burn it up on weekends. As far as I know there has never been any other game to incorporate such a plan for an RTS game.
Duh, the thought just occurred to me that their is no reason a universe couldn't be designated as unlimited gameplay also. Now it covers the full spectrum of players.
I have recently been playing Empire of The Eclipse if you need some ideas pertaining to the individual universe idea. This game has a small subscription fee, which I'm not opposed to for multiplayer, but I have to admit I may not be entertained enough to continue. Again, no close knit group feel and I'm noticing I feel left behind due to limited ability to put in enough game time.

3) Ingame purchases for upgrades or advantages - game killer, again exploitation and I no longer bother to download these.

Being a constantly running universe, perhaps the host could be allowed to remove an inactive player making their assets into a pirate faction or neutral, then being able to invite another player into the same universe with a set amount of "safe time" determined by the game or better, the host.

The ship and station boarding should not be forgotten, but I think "space" is what is most important. Star Wars - Empire at War. I almost always automated the ground combat portion, but played it to the last ship when it came to the space battles. Expanding the Newtonian flight characteristics could add alot to the space battles. Also collision processes would be a bonus, battles incorporating asteroids as cover sounds intriguing as well as just plowing into a smaller opponent.

I like yours ideas - #4,5,6 in that order.

I also agree that constant updates regarding development are a huge plus. It gives me something to log in and read to keep interest and anticipation is a powerful incentive.

Rewards - I could definitely go for some "Dangerous" logo items such as a t-shirt or something. I love the title. Model ships sound cool, but being picky here, even if it's small, I vote die-cast metal, not plastic.
re: Kickstarter campaign rewards? en>fr fr>en
By Havok Comments: 5, member since Tue Jan 17, 2012
On Thu Jun 28, 2012 04:41 AM
Hey there,
I think this is a great idea! It will be great to see how it all evolves the game, and if it can all also be for the iPhone version as well. I'd like to see more ships and a full VoiceOver for all of the parts of the game as well, maybe even more skills and the ability to make things from commodities that can either be bought or raided from ships, possibly even more weapons systems too, but all of it would take time I know and you guys may not be able to get it all done in one shot, I understand that, but in its time and if it is going to make it better yeah that would be great suggestions:)
re: Kickstarter campaign rewards? en>fr fr>en
By regret Comments: 12, member since Tue Jul 10, 2012
On Wed Jul 11, 2012 01:49 PM
Edited by regret (1715) on 2012-07-11 08:04:14
Edited by regret (1715) on 2012-07-11 08:09:27
Will these updates be available for mobile as well? By the way amazing game, just bought it a few days ago.
re: Kickstarter campaign rewards? en>fr fr>en
By Pinback Comments: 3, member since Thu Dec 29, 2011
On Thu Jun 13, 2013 09:34 PM
Being wondering what you guys have been upto as we not heard anything from Dangerous for a while on SSC.

Great to hear you are still thinking about the Kickstart and $50K sounds doable, lower target seem to have a higher success rate than the high ones.
You also have the added benefit of a the game already released.

One thing I would add to the goals is better sound effect as they have always been a bit of a weak spot in Dangerous.

As for physical rewards I am for the boxed edition of the game and you may want to think about copying Star Citizens idea of a plastic card or something like a coin or a Mr Dangerous wanted poster.
re: Kickstarter campaign rewards? en>fr fr>en
By sam2001320 Comments: 1, member since Thu Jun 13, 2013
On Fri Jun 14, 2013 08:41 PM
This idea is really good. I personally would like to see the walking on planets 1st just simply because you don't do anything other than fight there. As far as rewards maybe a free copy of a sequal/ add on pack seeing as that might be cheaper than making a physical model of something and personally I would rather have the game/add on than a plastic or metal ship or figure. Also will the new features be immidiately available for android mobile?
re: Kickstarter campaign rewards? en>fr fr>en
By Pinback Comments: 3, member since Thu Dec 29, 2011
On Sat Jun 15, 2013 06:22 AM
A live action presentation for Kickstarter a great idea but you will have to make it absolutely clear that the game is not going to contain FMV.
re: Kickstarter campaign rewards? en>fr fr>en
By TGS Comments: 3, member since Thu Aug 08, 2013
On Sat Aug 10, 2013 01:32 AM
I've obviously come in very late on this thread and honestly only just discovered this absolute gem of a game.

My priority for the KS as well as the game as a whole is Multiplayer. Just flat multiplayer. ClientServer custom community dynamically driven multiplayer.

You know how successful EVE is? Take that and put it in the players hands. Freelancer... is an old game now but it was immensely successful in this regard and still is. It's still played even today for the one simple fact that players can run their own servers and build their own communities. Coupled with the fact that players ended up modding FL to extreme degrees it has made for an amazing game.

Taking Dangerous in that direction would be a great priority. Then it can branch off into the MMO aspect by building a core "one universe" server. Similar to EVE.

I would disagree heavily with going MMO first unless you intend to then backport it to standard player driven model. But I don't really know the devs or the community for this game and I've had a great concern and worry for all games that wanna go the MMO route that they do that... then never put the game back in the hands of the players. Which with the fickle nature of MMOs... if the game wasn't successful as an MMO it simply never progresses to standard multiplayer because the "MMO" versions of the server tend to be so rough around the edges and technical that devs simply don't wanna release them. I really hope that isn't the case. Also I really really hope that this sort of multiplayer is planned regardless because this game multiplayer would be absolutely amazing.


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