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How to set/see home location? en>fr fr>en
By traisjames Comments: 4, member since Wed Apr 24, 2013
On Sun Apr 28, 2013 01:41 AM

How do I set or see what the home location is for a ship?

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re: How to set/see home location? en>fr fr>en
By alphawolf Comments: 34, member since Wed Jun 12, 2013
On Thu Apr 24, 2014 12:50 AM
Edited by alphawolf (1878) on 2014-04-23 18:52:45
Ive been having the same troubles, i hate when my transport ships go clear to the other side of the world and never come back, i think its a glitch Binary is to lazy to fix

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re: How to set/see home location? en>fr fr>en
By ShizukaNekoShiki Comments: 33, member since Fri Oct 11, 2013
On Mon Jun 02, 2014 07:44 PM
Fake MOD: Well its a data game its not like the XBOX360 or a PS4 there is bound to be some bugs & glitches in the system. mew- FYI: Alpha, The reason UR having that problem is because the game scripts probly over lapped 1 of another & didn`t know to to fix it. mew- Best option if that happens is to just press ESC or CTRL+ALT+DEL & manually quit the game & restart it. mew- U`ll just haz to cope with the errors Alpha because there`s only 2 ways to fix it. mew- 1: un-install the game completely & re-install it to see if that`ll work. mew- 2: quit game & re-start it to see if that`ll fix it without having to un-install the thing. mew- That's the best 2 options I can give chu Alpha. mew- --The End--


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