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Game crash en>fr fr>en
By Biscuits Comments: 1, member since Mon Sep 16, 2013
On Mon Sep 16, 2013 12:24 PM

I cannot get past the request to dock at the very first station after the first warp gate with Cali. The game just quits. Tried it 5 times now. Same thing every time. Anyone have any suggestions, I'm on an ipad mini. This game should work or it shouldn't be on the App Store. Anyone else have this problem or should I just concede it was a bad buy?



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re: Game crash en>fr fr>en
By MindBlight Comments: 1, member since Sat Dec 14, 2013
On Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:28 PM
Same here. Just bought the HD version of the game for my iPod mini and can't get past the tutorial's first warp with Cali due to the game crashing. Please advise on how to remedy this. I was really looking forward to having an X3 experience on my mobile devise. In the App Store the game claims to be compatible with my devise so if that's not the case should I get my money back and try the non HD version or not buy this game at all?
RPGC - Re: Game crash en>fr fr>en
By ShizukaNekoShiki Comments: 33, member since Fri Oct 11, 2013
On Tue Dec 24, 2013 12:10 AM

Well I seen that before on a different game but basicly to tell U that 1: UR device can`t read the binary computer code of this game right. mew- 2: The game haz failed to competely intall it onto UR device. mew- 3: The game APP haz been hacked or damaged and can no longer supply UR device with the full APP thus leaving U stick in a spot in the game. mew- There is no way to fix it basicly but there is good news U can go 1: buy a laptop. mew- 2: Go buy a desktop. mew- & that should fix UR problem BTW devices like IPADS, Ipods, & ETC from APPLE Inc. Don`t work realy good they have a history of messing up. mew- So just go buy a desktop or laptop thats NOT apple related. mew- (& don`t worky U can still put Itunes on any PC U got). mew- ;) :D Image hotlink - '' Link To My Alt in IMVU! mew-Link To My Main in IMVU! mew-Link to my profile in WhoIsDangerious. mew-


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