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Theyâ��re lying to you. en>fr fr>en
By alphawolf Comments: 34, member since Wed Jun 12, 2013
On Sun Nov 17, 2013 05:35 AM

They�re lying to you.

All the promises from the Binary staff, all the �issues� and �features� they�re going to address - it�s all a pack of lies. For years now we have witnessed the same ritual take place in every forum post. The devs line up and tell you what they are going to do. They're going to add boarding actions, they�re going add system wars, they�re going to listen to the interests of the common player (Where's the hell that going to happen).

It�s time we stopped being suckers.

The truth is that Binary is never going to be implementing your favorite ideas, or fixing the problem with the corporation ships owned by players, or adding a pirate faction. Here�s what actually happens:

People have an unrealistic idea of what the fourm actually does. It's how stupid ideas got in. Like 'I would fix planets or 'I would fix the lag'. The forum doesn't generally present solutions to Binary because that historically isn't very effective so proposals like 'Add a pirate faction, add system wars ' are dead in the water. They get raised anyway and then Binary buries them because they are more interested in having the problems highlighted rather than solutions put forwards.

Most of what goes on in public with Binary is total bullshit. The important stuff is what happens in the internal forums. That's when Binary present their solutions and ask for the players to feedback on them and that's when the theorycrafting and superior knowledge of this mediocre game come into play. In the 6 months I've played this game, 95% of Binary has been shooting down other people's utterly dreadful ideas rather than actually raising new ones. Nobody cares about your ideas, least of all Binary, the best you can do is to try and slow the tide of slack-jawed idiocy coming from both sides of the table.

The player is a sounding board. Binary comes to the player and lays out their ideas about whatever they�re thinking up, and it�s up to the the player to provide feedback, That means that the voting public doesn�t hear about the feedback until the minutes are released months later and diluted by Binarys "professional" staff. Then the next time, everyone goes through the same old dog and pony show, beating their chests and promising to fix blasters or put a pirate faction.

You, the players, get used - A vicious cycle that pits your wishes for a better DANGEROUS against people looking for cheap money.

What is to be done?

The Devs do not implement features. It�s a sounding board for players. Ignore everything the other people say about their �positions� on certain features because features are irrelevant at this stage in the game. Pay attention to the general attitudes of the devs instead. If they promised you a new feature or a specific game change, they would be lying to you.

Let's not waste time with bull****.

I believe that it is time to transform the game by doing something that will forge the players into a strong, united body that can fight for the playerbase and shield it from idiocy.

The raw, ugly truth. No pretty illusions. No false promises.

Every dev is going to tell you that they want to bring your ideas to the game.

We play their game, we pay their upkeep, we use their features and we suffer from their shortsightedness. For this they give us one resource, the fourms, and they treat it like a mere focus group, not a stakeholder to be respected.

What we can deliver is us being ruthless, manipulative bastards. And you need that, if you want to see the fourms become a real advocate for the playerbase, one that cannot be dismissed by Binary. Thus far, the players and Binary have never been united. It has been a cacophony of individuals, mostly deluded by the false notion that their ideas has given them a designer�s position, bleating out their personal �fixes� and being surprised when the devs ignore them. A divided fourm isn�t an effective advocate for the playerbase.

If the players don�t band together to oppose Binary when they suggest retarded things, the interests of the playerbase get steamrolled. Obvious, preventable imbalances get implemented. You need someone who knows how to build a coalition, how to make people want to work together, how to make members feel like their voice and their opinion makes the collective union stronger. We can bring together a coalition of people who normally can't agree on the color of an orange and direct.them in a war that most players can only dream of. If we can bring these people together, we can do the same for the game as its players!

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FPGC - RE: TheyÃ�¢ï¿½ï¿½re lying to you. en>fr fr>en
By ShizukaNekoShiki Comments: 33, member since Fri Oct 11, 2013
On Sat Nov 23, 2013 01:12 AM
Edited by ShizukaNekoShiki (1927) on 2013-11-22 18:13:20 Error correct!
(-.-\) I can understand how you feel about the binary helix corp. But crying like a little baby isn`t gonna help... I think the binary helix corp. Gone a little to in-depth with the game and now their backfiring because they can`t meet peoples needs for the game because 1: They probably don`t know how to make the game do that, 2: their to lazy in their cash of money their getting from people that paid for the game, 3: They took a vacation or 4: They don`t have nor the money nor the software to create these new ideas that these people want. FYI: This game isn`t costumed to what you want. If your not good with the results then edit the game by download software and getting lances from the creator saying that you can edit the game in anyway you want to. BTW sit there like a little kid crying just makes you a kid grow up and send a email to the binary helix asking for them to edit the game more. I like the game just the way it is & for the editions I want (but eh? why`s complain when you got the firepower of a fleet?) was to have the scaler on ships like the Hades should be 50% of a station`s size because of its looks, & firepower also make it where your allies and dock,repair, & take off. But eh? why bother with that anyways sure the ship`s size is the same as the battleship`s size but eh? i can deal with it because there is so many other ships to try out. =^.^= Sure this game isn`t the best in the world but I like it when I can take it anywhere and play on it without the internet. =^.^= playing on GOD MODE on games makes it where the game itself serves no purpose on your life because you can kill others without worrying about dieing makes it go to your head. Games are here for changing, sports, bravery, & Honor its not about who killed who and someone becoming a GOD MOD on games its about sitting back and having a fun time enjoying the games.
re: TheyÃ���Ã��Ã�¢Ã��Ã�¯Ã��Ã�¿Ã�ï¿ en>fr fr>en
By linh Comments: 179, member since Sat Jun 30, 2007
On Mon Nov 25, 2013 07:04 PM
I appreciate the candid feedback!

Keep in mind we've been continuously improving the game's graphics and fixing bugs and adding features since Christmas 2011 when it was first launched on the iOS store. And there's just two guys here, not some big corporation. This game was a labor of love.

We would love to do more with Dangerous, and we have some plans for it going forward. For example:

- a more dynamic economy where a station's output can be controlled by manipulating its incoming resources.
- player owned stations
- boarding a ship and taking it over from the inside
- a stock market that responds to supply and demand
- more rich and varied encounters
- every ship already has a purpose, but how about giving each NPC a name, a backstory, and goals? You kill someone, his friends and family will come after you, etc.
- better translations; voice-overs for all spoken lines
- continuing the storyline missions; adding more missions
- add more procedurally generated things to explore (in derelict ships, wormholes, planet surfaces)

Considering all the tech we squeezed into this game for even mobile devices, it's completely do-able. The biggest stumbling block is finding the funding to make it happen. While some of you may think we're rolling in the dough, the truth is the game hasn't made back its 3-year development costs, much less earned a profit. Sad, but true.

That's mostly our fault for being bad at marketing. Dangerous is a great game that few people know about. But hopefully all that is about to change.

I'm working on a cool trailer that will hopefully get us some media attention. We'll also use that trailer in a Kickstarter campaign to add some of those features above. And we'll survey supporters and ask them what they want to see first.

With this renewed focus on Dangerous, we also hope to get Greenlit at Steam which would help us stay afloat and continue development. Dangerous is the game I've always wanted to make, and there's so much more we could do.

In closing, please give me your top five suggestions for Dangerous. What features should we add next? Any other suggestions on how we can get the word out to more people?

re: They�re lying to you. en>fr fr>en
By dmgd Comments: 1, member since Wed Nov 27, 2013
On Wed Nov 27, 2013 11:21 PM
Suggestion 1: test your game on an iPad -- some of the buttons and text is going off the edge of the screen
re: They�re lying to you. en>fr fr>en
By SpaceHamster Comments: 4, member since Wed Jul 18, 2012
On Thu Nov 28, 2013 04:46 AM
My top five suggestions are all the same.

Fix the goddamn layout so I can play this game on the iPad 4. It's been broken since September!

How about that?
re: They�re lying to you. en>fr fr>en
By alphawolf Comments: 34, member since Wed Jun 12, 2013
On Mon Dec 02, 2013 07:08 AM

#1 not every one here HAS A HADES SHIP so its not any use of you to compare your self to new players, thats just show boating and rude

#2 no one here is saying anything about "god mode" EXCEPT YOU

#3 i agree with you that games about the challenges

#4 apparently linh liked the feed back, and i have even emailed Binary before about.doing an email interview and posting it on gamming blog
re: They�re lying to you. en>fr fr>en
By alphawolf Comments: 34, member since Wed Jun 12, 2013
On Mon Dec 02, 2013 07:15 AM

#1 not every one here HAS A HADES SHIP so its not any use of you to compare your self to new players, thats just show boating and rude

#2 no one here is saying anything about "god mode" EXCEPT YOU

#3 i agree with you that games about the challenges

#4 apparently linh liked the feed back, and i have even emailed Binary before about.doing an email interview and posting it on gamming blog

#5 i would like to see a graphic update(see picture (Galazy On Fire 2) , the npc thing linh talked about and esp. System/faction wars
re: They�re lying to you. en>fr fr>en
By alphawolf Comments: 34, member since Wed Jun 12, 2013
On Wed Dec 18, 2013 05:53 AM

Seems like he has no come back
re: They�re lying to you. en>fr fr>en
By HUYNH_D8 Comments: 35, member since Sun Jul 29, 2012
On Sun Jan 04, 2015 09:13 AM
Chillax man this isn't a fully fledged game that has launched around the world and you can pick up the DVD from your local game store this is in DEVELOPMENT by a 3 or 4 man team as a hobby. This game is designed for a very broad range of audience for example those who like piloting and dog fighting but it also caters for the captains out there who want to autopilot around and allocate weapons targeting different hostiles. Its for people who like soloing and its for people who like followers hanging around. Its for miners traders and bounty hunters. They can't possibly cater for everything without breaking the core game play so they consider your suggestions carefully to prevent project forking. Did I forget to mention that they are doing this on four different OSses not a simple task I can say from experience. Finding the common capabilities amongst osses and hardware can be quite disheartening when you find something unsupported requiring makeshift coding hack jobs, nasty. I've played many space Sims out there and although this game is far from complete. In terms of audience catering it is the most complete I have ever seen. It has replaced my wing commander and privateers dogfights, its replaced my imperium galactica for fleet building, its replaced freelancer for having wingmates, its replaced mechwarrior for customization. This game is the Swiss army knife of games so many things to do and so many more to come. But just keep in mind this is a 3man team who do things when they can


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